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Welcome to Mahamevnawa Florida

Mahamevnawa (MahA-Meu-Nawa). is a Theravada Buddhist reform movement from Sri Lanka with branches around the globe. It is our vision to establish a Buddhist forest monastery in Florida where people of all ethnicities & creeds can master their mind, develop true inner peace and uplift their lives. We started at a temporary location in 2012 and offer a wide range of courses all free of charge and supported by the community. All are welcome to join our Meditation classes and Lectures on Early Buddhist Teachings. To learn more about us, Read more

"Mind precedes all mental states. Mind is their chief; they are all mind-wrought. If with an impure mind a person speaks or acts suffering follows him like the wheel that follows the foot of the ox.."
-The Buddha Gothama

MMMF Retreat

Mahamevnawa Buddhist Meditation Center Florida provides various types of retreats at the center and around Florida and USA. Our meditation retreats are based on anciant forest monastic Buddhist tradition. Read more

Insight Meditation Class (Vipassana)

Samatha (concentration meditation) and Vipassana (insight meditation) as pathways to happiness. Including meditation, Dhamma talks, and a question and answer period. Every Sunday 9.00 am - 11.00 am. Calander

Buddhist Recovery Group

Broadening our Spiritual Awakening. Finding a way, through mindfulness and meditation, to break free from the destructive patterns of a lifetime. Meditation, Dhamma talk, Question and Answer Period. 7.00 pm - 8.30 pm.
Every Tuesday Calander

The wisdom of the Buddha.

Following the discourses of the Buddha, first spoken by him 2,500 years ago, we will be learning and discussing the entire Dhamma, from Jhana meditation to Vipassana to every-day mindfulness to The Four Noble Truths to Nibbana, the end of suffering. Including meditation, Dhamma talk, and a question and answer period. 7.00 pm - 8.30 pm. Every Thursday. Calander

The gift of Dhamma surpasses all gifts. The taste of Dhamma, all tastes. delight in Dhamma, all delights. One who has destroyed craving, vanquishes all suffering.

MMMF’s current programs:-

  • Every Sunday morning - Insight Meditation Class.
  • Every Tuesday evening - Buddhist Recovery Group
  • Every Thursday - The Wisdom of the Suttas.
  • Every third, Saturday - Monthly Sil program for Sinhalese
  • Mini Retreat for Beginners
  • We offer programs now in Tampa, Sarasota, Naples, Miami and Gainesville
  • When invited, MMMF offers lectures at universities.

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